LZ450 Heavy Impurity Cleaner

Product description

1.The heavy impurityc Cleaner is mainly used for removing heavy impurities like gravel,scrap iron,dust and large ink particles from different kind of pulp.

2.The highested running consistency can reach 2%,reduce fiber loss,improve production capacity,decrease the needed segments and numbers of cleaner.

3.High cleaning efficiency,which avoid the accumulation of ash content in latter sections.

4.High reliability of operation,would not be blocked.


1. A stainless steel body,ceramic slag under the cone and mouth,long life.

2. Modular design,easy installation and maintenance.

3 .Cleaner efficiency.

Main Specification

Type LZ450
Passing capacity of single equipment(l/min) 450
Max operating temperature(℃) 70
Max operating pressure(Mpa) 0.4
Inlet consistency(%) ≤2%
Washing water flow 20-60l/min