Light Slag Separator and Reject Separator to India

Leizhan light slag separator and reject separator shipping to India recently,these equipment will be used for paper
pulping line for 300tpd testliner paper production line.


This India cutomer is Leizhan regular customer,they bought our paper pulping equipment 2 years ago,These
equipments run well during use, energy-saving, and have high-quality finished pulp, so when they were preparing to
expand their production capacity this time, they chose Leizhan again.


The light slag separator mainly used for dealing with light impurities and tailing in coarse screening system;Reject
mainly used for fiber relief and impurities separate for tailing in the coarse screen system. With good treatment
effect and reduce the fiber loss.


Leizhan Machinery has been committed to papermaking equipment for 40 years,has mature
and reliable and advanced technology,Provides waste paper bale breaking and screening equipment,pulping equipment, heavy
slag cleaning equipment, deinking equipment,etc,Welcome contact me anytime.