Leizhan to China International Paper Technology Exhibition

To be able to promote the introduction of papermaking business in Tiongkok, better show development of technology and technologies achievements within papermaking market, build conversation platform as well as related industrial sectors for papermaking enterprises, inside 2017, the actual Chinese papermaking association, the particular Chinese community of papermaking, and China’s pulp and also paper investigation institute will certainly host 3 “2017 The far east international papermaking technology event and conference” in Shenzhen.

The display will be kept on Sept 13-15, 2017 at the shenzhen convention along with exhibition middle.

Last year’s exhibition drawn more than twenty countries in addition to regions, a lot more than 200 papermaking equipment production, paper chemical substances and papermaking related widely recognized enterprises individuals, leizhan, metso, voith, andreas and gear in the papers, such as ABB, Siemens, Finnish pavilion sector giants are at the convention.

In the exact same period, typically the international papermaking technology statement will be full of content plus consistent with the tendency of The Occasions, which is nicely received through the exhibitors and also the audience. Papermaking science and even technology exhibit has developed right into a veritable brand name exhibition with regard to paper-making equipment.

tHIS worldwide exhibition associated with papermaking technological innovation will keep “2017 China and taiwan international document industry development development BBS” and “2017 CIPTE global papermaking engineering report”, along with some associated technological swap and workshops, enriching the information of the exposure activities.

A number of activities throughout the exhibition concept can enhance the professionalism from the exhibition often the audience, together with increase the amount of effective expert audience.

Simultaneously, a connection and interaction platform regarding paper corporations and their upstream equipment, recycleables, chemicals, automated control along with other suppliers is going to be established to advertise the development of China’s paper marketplace.