Leizhan OCC drum pulper shipping to Nigeria

Recently,Leizhan occ drum pulper shipping to Nigeria at 21th,April.This occ drum pulper is used for 600t/d packaging paper production line stock preparation line,This OCC drum pulper can provide benefits with higher paper quality, reduce manual maintenance costs and improve production efficiency for our
Nigeria customer.

Leizhan OCC drum pulper features

1.High concentration (14-18%) continuous pulping, energy saving;

2.The OCC drum pulper itself has a screening area, which can be screened directly after the pulping is

3.High impurity removal rate,Impurities in raw materials such as tape, plastic, hot melt adhesive, rope, etc. are removed
without being broken.

4.The OCC drum pulper can greatly reduce the load of subsequent equipment, and is suitable for the
treatment of unselected waste paper.

5.Wide application range of drum pulper, suitable for deinking pulp and undeinking pulp pulping;

6.The drum pulper changes the pulping method of the traditional hydraulic pulper using high-speed
rotating impellers and blades. Gentle pulping, retaining the original length and strength of the fiber, and obtaining
higher quality paper pulp.


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