kraft paper machine in China

Kraft paper machines are widely used to make kraft paper. We develop and supply all types of papermaking equipment with high quality and competitive prices. Leizhan Machinery has been focusing on papermaking machinery industry for many years. We have accumulated a lot of design and production experience and have ensured our leading position in this industry. We enjoy a good reputation both at home and abroad. Many customers want to purchase papermaking machinery from our company. We have many models of paper machinery for sale.

Kraft paper is a kind of packaging material with high strength, high tear strength and strong bearing capacity. Usually yellow-brown. Half bleached or fully bleached kraft paper is light brown, cream or white. The quantification is 80 to 120 g / m2. The break length of kraft paper is generally more than 6000m. Most kraft papers are roll paper and tissue paper. This kind of paper is made of pulp wood or waste paper box. After pulping, it can be carried out on a Fourdrinier machine. It can be used for paper cover machines, cement bags, envelopes, glue sealing paper, asphalt paper, cable protection paper, insulation paper and so on. Since kraft paper plays an important role in our lives, kraft paper machines are definitely worth investing.

Advantages Of Leizhan Machinery Craft Paper Machine:

1. High advanced technology: besides bring in advanced technology, our elite engineer team have developed new technology, and production skills. The application of new technology and new production skills can promote the output of kraft paper production line, extend the life service cycle, reduce the failure rate and kraft paper machine cost.

2. competitive price: You may compare the price and quality from different kraft paper machine manufacturers. You will find that kraft paper machine price and toilet paper making machine prices of our factory are reasonable. We often says: “Get what you pay for”. You need to buy the high quality machine to ensure the paper quality. Good kraft paper can guarantee sales volume in kraft paper industry.

3. environmental friendly: the kraft paper manufacturing process from waste paper can dispose a large amount of rubbish. Recycling paper can reduce soil pollution and promote material utilization ratio. Therefore, kraft paper recycling machine is environmental friendly.