International pulp prices soared, cultural paper and then ro

International pulp prices skyrocketed more than a year, not only driven home paper up, cultural paper is expected to rise 5-10% in March! On the 23rd, the industry said there were three reasons for the international pulp price to go up and down, including the booming demand in emerging markets and the tightened approval of new pulp mills. In addition, the second quarter is the annual off-season for the pulp mills, which has caused the tight supply and demand. .


As for the part of the paper price, compared with the continuous rise in pulp prices, the current paper price reflects only about half. According to the future trend of international pulp prices, May and June do not rule out the possibility of further upside.


Cultural paper has risen 4 degrees in 2017, a cumulative increase of about 25-30%, but with the international pulp prices hike about 50-60%, the domestic paper prices have not yet been reflected, even with March 2018 surge At the current paper price level, it falls only to the mid-line of the historical average.