Inflow Pressure Screen Before Paper Machine

Leizhan inflow pressure screen has the characteristics of high screening quality, large capacity and low pulp flow pulse. It is suitable for fine screening equipment for wood pulp, various straw pulp and waste paper pulp, especially for the screening in paper pulp approach system before paper machine.

Inflow pressure screen before paper machine features

1.Inflow structure, low pulse, good homogenization effect;

2.Sturdy and durable, easy to disassemble and assemble, low energy consumption and high efficiency;

3.There is no gasket matching flange at the slurry outlet of the inflow pressure screen, and the inner wall is polished to realize the seamless connection of the flow pipeline without hanging slurry;

4.Equipped with automatic oil filling device to reduce maintenance;

5.Automatic detection and alarm device for sealing water flow to ensure safe operation of the equipment;

6.Control the interlocking system to ensure the service life of the inflow pressure screen.


Leizhan inflow pressure screen before paper machine production capacity from 25t/d to 1400t/d,screen area from 0.6m2 to 12m2,welcome contact us for presssure screen solution.


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