Impact Factor Of Adhesion To Corrugated Cardboard

According to newspaper reports China’s packaging, in Carton Physical performance parameters, the adhesion rate of degrees is a critical indicator of the level of value of production and finished products on the carton boxes have a significant effect against pressure. Many companies produce Corrugated paper Case, the performance test often fail because of adhesion strength of the standard value 6N/cm square, resulting in substandard batch carton; sometimes sent to users, users can not heap transport, resulting in economic losses. Is the raw material and paper quality characteristics of adhesive bonding of the carton on some understanding of the impact of fastness.

Production of cardboard boxes, the main material for the various varieties of paper. Weight divided by Cardboard And Corrugated Medium , Divided by origin of imports and domestic, can be classified by material Wood pulp Paper, bamboo pulp and paper, Straw pulp Paper, paper and paper back. Used in adhesives, the key for the sodium silicate and corn starch binder, corn starch binder is divided into cold and hot system of rubber glue, corn starch can be due to different formulas, different quality characteristics made adhesive . Paper on the quality of raw materials and adhesive properties, can affect the adhesion of cartons.

Under normal circumstances, high adhesion and good permeability of plastic, making Cardboard Bonding strength, and vice versa poor. Hot glue system, cardboard production rate than the degree of cold glue system better, more obvious in winter.

Paper quality characteristics on the main board adhesion strength and water content in the paper, paper board layer and the core layer of structural properties. Testing found that some board paper layer and the core layer, layer caused by technology or fiber tension is small, resulting from the layer of cardboard, so that adhesive strength is decreased. And the moisture content of the paper less than 14%, the paper glue fast, good penetration, good adhesion to the production of cardboard, but if too much drying of paper will absorb the adhesive too quickly in the water, the flow of adhesive and inhibit the infiltration of adhesive so that adhesive can not penetrate deep enough, would reduce the board adhesive fastness; the contrary, the base paper too wet, the water will hinder the fiber adhesive, resulting in too little adhesive, corrugated plastic stratified, poor bonding strength.

In addition, the production of high and low water content of different cardboard, the cardboard will warp after bonding, resulting in open office just bonding, bonding strength cardboard damage; some of blistering from the surface layer of cardboard, stick the whole board Hop down and bending strength, surface blistering of the cardboard slot machine in the print difficult to print out a clear pattern.

Quality characteristics of raw materials on the cardboard paper adhesive strength also reflected in the quality characteristics of the adhesive requirements, the different characteristics of the paper should match the corresponding characteristics of glue to use. Test found that corrugated and paperboard how much glue, adhesive width and the depth of plastic penetration are affected cardboard adhesive fastness. Some imports of wood pulp paper, paper fiber tight, density, permeability good use of liquidity and to produce high strength cardboard bonding; some homemade paper, loose fibrous tissue, density, but the fiber pull better, should be permeability good use plastic; such as fiber pull poor, should be good preparation rubber adhesive and permeability to ensure that the adsorption of adhesive bonding to improve adhesion strength of cardboard.