HXS series arc screen

HXS series arc screen is an economic and practical solid-liquid separation equipment developed
by our company by absorbing international advanced technology,it mainly used for Fiber Recycling,White water
purification,Separation of fiber and filler,etc.

HXS series arc screen main application

1. Fiber Recycling: Treat white water in various pulp and paper processes to recover fibers.

2. Slurry concentration:Concentration of accept pulp and tail pulp in the screening and cleaning system;
Concentration of damaged pulp.

3. White water purification:Used to spray water after purifying the white water of paper machine;Paper
machine press water purification and reuse.

4. Fiber classification:classification of long and short fibers;Separation of large fiber bundles.

5. Separation of fiber and filler:deinking pulp Washing,and washing the coated damaged pulp.

6. Sewage treatment: remove solid suspended solids.

HXS series arc screen main specification


Model HXS1 HXS2 HXS3
Area(m2) 1.26 2.52  3.78
Radian(°) 120
Pressure of input pulp(Mpa) 0.15-0.25
Consisiency of input pulp(%)


Throughout of concentrated pulp(m3/h)  72-108  144-216  216-324
Throughout of white waterrecycling(m3/h)  108-180  216-360  324-540
Slot screen size of concentrated pulp(mm)    0.15-0.3
Slot screen size of white waste recycling(mm)    0.05-0.2
Flushing water pressure(Mpa)    0.5-1
Water consumption(m3/h)  6  12  18


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