How to Solve the Leakage of the End Cover of Paper Machine Dryer?

During the long-term operation of the paper machine, due to the reasons of design, manufacture, use and the natural aging of the seals, steam leakage and water leakage often occur in the sealing part of the dryer end cover, which affects the output and paper quality of the paper machine, and even causes downtime.


How to solve the leakage/air leakage of the end cover of paper machine dryer?

1. Traditional dismantling and inspection

Need to replacement of sealing parts and inlaid lead strips, this method need to take long time, high labor intensity, seriously affecting production.

2.High temperature and erosion resistant polymer composite material for full ring sealing

The use of polymer composite materials has unique material advantages, the repair technology is simple and convenient to operate, the sealing effect is better, the service life is longer, and the cost is the lowest.


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