How to solve the failure of double disc refiner?

The paper pulp refiner is the most critical equipment for high yield pulping, and the double disc refiner has
the advantages of large production capacity, low energy consumption, and small fiber damage.If the double disc
refiner fails during operation,how to solve it?

1.Hard objects enter the refiner and noises of different sound levels

Solution: If it is a small metal object, there will be a piercing sound, and the gap between the grinding plates
should be adjusted as soon as possible to separate the discs; if it is a large hard object, the grinding slurry
should be stopped immediately and the grinding room should be opened for inspection and treatment.

2.The disc is not stable in feeding and retracting

Solution:First give up the hydraulic cylinder, then check the oil level of the hydraulic station and check whether
the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is stuck.

3.Refining capacity decreased

Solution:If the refining capacity drops by about 30%, the disc must be replaced, which is also the principle
of disc replacement.


Other,if the gap of refiner disc is too large; Slurry concentration is too small; The disc is worn seriously; The
cooking temperature is low, the softening degree of the material is not enough; Pulp washing is not good, viscosity
is large, will affect the quality of pulp mill.


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