How to solve paper machine wire section paste mesh

When the paste mesh appears in paper machine wire section,the pulp layer
thickness at paste mesh becomes thinner, and finally it becomes a curtain or a hole in the
finished we need to solve paper machine wire section paste mesh in
time,to ensure normal production of paper machine.

Solutions for paste mesh caused by non-resin barriers

1.The vacuum of the vacuum suction box should not be too high, preferably lower than normal;

2.Appropriate tensioning of the forming wire;

3.Strengthen the paper machine wire section washing in the return of the forming
wire, especially the swing high-pressure water cleaning system should be normal, and the pressure
should reach 20-25kg/cm2;

4.Remove the foam in the headbox in time.

Solutions for paste mesh caused by resin barriers

1.Reasonably control the resin content of the pulp, which is the most basic measure;

2.Reasonably control pH value, use alum to control resin barriers;

3.Strengthen cleaning work, regularly scrubbing pipes, beaters, storage tanks and various slurry
tanks to prevent too much resin accumulation;

4.Use resin dispersant and fixative to disperse and remove resin.


In other cases, when using waste paper as a raw material, it is necessary to strengthen the treatment of waste paper to prevent impurities such as asphalt and plastic from being mixed.When paper machine wire section paste mesh appears,It is generally washed with steam. For asphalt, rubber blocks, oil stains, and
paints, organic solvents (such as gasoline or kerosene) can be used for cleaning.


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