How to Solve Paper Machine Paper Sheets Curling?

The main reason for the curling of the paper sheet during the papermaking process is the two-sidedness of the paper sheet itself, coupled with improper control of drying conditions during drying, unreasonable drying curve, inconsistent drying rates on both sides,and unbalanced shrinkage on both sides.How to solve paper machine paper sheets curling?


In paper making,we can adjust the raw materials, the manufacturing process and the environmental conditions to reduce the curling of the paper sheets.

Raw material

1.Adjust the proportion of the slurry, and select the slurry with a smaller wet expansion coefficient;

2.Appropriately reduce the beating degree of the pulp to reduce the wet expansion coefficient of the paper sheet.

Forming section

During the forming process, the internal structure of the sheet, especially the structure and composition of the two sides, should be adjusted to be closer to reduce the tendency of curling.

Press section

Gradually increase the pressure to ease dewatering and obtain a more uniform Z-direction sheet structure.

Drying section

1.Appropriately reduce the speed difference of each transmission part;

2.Adjust the drying curve;

3.Properly adjust the tension of the drying wire;

4.Properly adjust the vacuum degree of the Vac roller;Increase the smooth ventilation of the hood;

5.Reduce the temperature of the paper sheet out of the dryer.


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