How to solve basis weight fluctuations of Paper Machine?

The basis weight fluctuations of paper machine not only affect the stability of paper making, but
more importantly, affect finished paper product quality,cause economic loss. How to solve basis weight
fluctuations of paper machine

Factors affecting vertical basis weight fluctuations:

1.Finished paper pulp concentration fluntuating

During the pulping process, it is necessary to ensure stable feeding and water addition amount. If the concentration
regulator can be added before entering the beating, it is an ideal concentration control process.


2. Dry broke paper pulp concentration fluntuating

If the amount of broke paper fluctuates greatly and there is a lack of ideal thickening equipment and sufficient broke
paper pulp storage tanks, it will be enough to threaten the stability of the consistency of papermaking pulp. The dosage
of broke paper in normal production must remain fixed.


3.Fluctuation of filler addition

Changes in filler concentration, flow rate and filler deposition in the conveying pipeline will cause fluctuations in
the basis weight of the paper web. The concentration and flow rate of the filler must be strictly controlled, and pipelines,
valves, elbows, etc. must be reasonably arranged.


4.Influence of equipment factors

The poor effect of the slurry tank agitator causes the sedimentation and slurry of the slurry in the tank; this problem
should be solved by transforming the pool structure of the agitator and slurry tank.


5.Fluctuations in paper machine working speed

In addition to the instability of the paper machine speed due to electrical control failures, belt slippage, clutch slippage
and other factors, improper operation control will also affect the paper machine speed, such as Poor discharge of condensate water from the cylinder causes unstable load on the paper
machine. So we should first check and eliminate the influence of the above factors, and then consider the influence of electrical
and equipment failures.


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