How to reduce the impact of scale on papermaking equipment

The scale produced in the papermaking process will be adsorbed on the pipes and equipment (such as pressure
screen and headbox, etc.).The scaling of pressure screen results in the decrease of screening efficiency;Pipe
scaling will catch the fiber in the pulp, forming fiber bundles, will form a paper disease;Scale will increase
the failure rate of vacuum pump;How to reduce the impact of scale on papermaking equipment?


Depending on the material of the different parts of the paper machine, the thickness of the scale layer and the
scale composition, different chemical cleaning agents can be used to treat the scale. The scale component of each
part of the paper machine is mainly calcium carbonate, so the main object of the scale treatment is carbonic acid
Salt scale.the suggestions to reduce the impact of scale on papermaking equipment as below:


1.Concentrated nitric acid is suitable for cleaning the local or separate equipment of the system. The structure
is simple, without complicated instrument components, sealing rings, packings and other components that may react
with strong acids, such as the headbox, pressure screen and single vacuum pump Static immersion.

2.The sulfamic acid method is suitable for the comprehensive cleaning of pipeline processes, including pipelines
and equipment can be carried out at the same time, and the cleaning liquid is circulated in the system by means of
slurry pumps and other flow-conveying equipment, such as short processes, circulating water systems of vacuum pumps,

3.The scale on the surface of the drying cylinder and the soft calender roll is not suitable for cleaning by
chemical methods. If the doctor blade is in good condition, it can be cleaned, but the scale of the soft calender
roll is more difficult to handle, and it needs to be treated with special polishing equipment.


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