How to Reduce the Energy Consumption of the Paper Machine?

Taking power consumption as an example, the power consumption of packaging paper or corrugated paper is the smallest, about 500kWh/t, while the power consumption of printing paper and writing paper is about 700~800 kWh/t, and the power consumption of some special grades of paper is even more high.How to reduce the energy consumption of paper machine?


Taking the wire section dewatering as a benchmark, the cost of dewatering in the wire, press and dryer sections is about 1:70:330. Increasing the dryness of the paper in the wire section is very important for reducing the dehydration cost of the entire paper machine.


The dehydration of the press section is also very important. The paper sheet reduces the moisture content in the press section by 1%, and the steam consumption of the dryer in the dryer section can be reduced by 4% to 5%.

Energy saving method of paper machine

1.The wire section uses new type of dehydration equipment, The press section applies energy-saving technologies such as wide-zone pressing

2.The drying part adopts multi-stage steaming and multi-stage flash evaporation, and rational use of energy of different qualities

3.Most of the heat is recovered by installing a heat recovery system on the exhaust gas discharged from the dryer section.

4.Use closed dryer cover instead of open dryer cover can save heat.

5.Use bag ventilation can improve the drying capacity.


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