How to reduce energy consumption in paper mill

Paper making is an energy-intensive industry,Not only need coal, water, oil and other
primary energy, but also need electricity, steam and other secondary energy,so how to
reduce energy consumption in paper mill
,has become a concern for all paper mills.


The main way to reduce energy consumption in paper mill is to rely on
scientific progress, using new technologies, new materials, new production processes, and
energy-saving paper making equipment. Use new dehydration equipment, wide-area pressing,
fully enclosed gas hood, heat pump, heat recovery technology, etc; technological process
and automation control management system,etc. The main reduce energy consumption
in paper mill
methods mainly include saving power in motor system, saving power i
n transmission device, energy saving in pulping equipment, wire section and press section,
and steam saving in drying section, etc.

How to reduce energy consumption in paper mill

1.Mortor system:The motor adopts frequency conversion control technology;Correct selection of motor
type and capacity;use new insulation materials to increase the cross-sectional area of the wire.

2.Transmission device:The transmission device of the paper machine is preferably able to adjust the
operation speed within a certain range and the speed of each section individually. The transmission
device can be controlled by an intelligent controller.

3.Pulping equipment:Raw material be added to the pulper by continuous chain conveyor;choose continuous
paper pulper.

4.Wire section:Reasonable use of dehydration elements;Use new materials to produce wire section components
;Make full use of papermaking white water and recover heat energy in white water.

5.Press section:Use vertical dehydration to improve the efficiency of press dehydration;Using double press
felt pressing to improve the dehydration ability.

6.Drying section:The steam hood in drying section adopts full closed steam hood and waste heat recovery
device;Drying adopts heat pump system;The inner wall of the dryer adopts resin film to enhance heat transfer
and eliminate condensate in the dryer in time,etc.


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