How to recycle cardboard?

Cardboad is the highest grade of paper,there are a lot of high quality long paper fibers in cardboard,so it has always been the best raw material in paper recycling industry.


But how to recycle cardboard?


1.Transporting waste cardboard into D type pulper by chain conveyor.If the cardboard is baled,will need baler breaker to breaking and selecting waste cardboard.


2.Then waste cardboard will be recycled by D type continuous pulping system,mainly composed of D type hydraulic pulper and sedimentation well, hydrapurge, drum screen, ragger machine, rope cutter and grapple and other accessories.


D type hydraulic pulper and sediment well are the main body of continuous crushing system;Hydrapurge regularly pull out the impurities in the pulper;The drum screen mainly dehydrates the slag cleaned by the hydrapurge;Ragger machine is used to remove large entangled debris in D-type pulper;The rope cutter is used to cut off the entanglement removed by the rope winch for easy transportation;Grapple is mainly used to remove heavy slag in sediment well.


3.Finally, the qualified pulp is transported to the pulp tank,then made into new paper by paper making machine.


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