How to quickly recover the serious warped cardboard

Cardboard factory, carton factory often encounter cardboard warping. Once the cardboard warping
occurs, it will have a serious impact on printing, die cutting, nailing, and sticking. Not only production loss and
production efficiency is also very low, and some even directly scrap. So how to quickly recover the serious
warped cardboard?

Method one for quickly recovery warped cardboard

1.First step

Rub some water on the cardboard surface;


2.Tecond step

According to the following way,It is recommended to stack positive and negative within 2-5 sheets;


3.Third step

Heavy press the warped cardboard.

Method two for quickly recovery warped cardboard

First, turn over 5 sheets of cardboard, and then press the weight on top to spray steam. Spray the steam and put the base paper on the warped cardboard.



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