How to produce recycled high strength corrugated base paper?

Corrugated base paper is one of the important components for the production of corrugated cardboard, and the
market demand is large. The recycled corrugated base paper uses recycled waste paper as raw
materials,after a series of treatments, to make new jumbo roll corrugated base paper.So how to produce
recycled high strength corrugated base paper

Corrugated base paper production process

1.Recycled waste paper pulping in hydraulic pulper;

2.High density cleaner removes heavy impurities in the waste paper pulp;

3.The fiber separator performs secondary pulping and sand removal on paper pulp to remove light impurities and
heavy impurities;

4.The middle density cleaner will further remove heavy impurities in the slurry;

5.The paper pulp is screened in pressure screen,the good slurry enters the next process;

6.Low density cleaner removes the heavier impurities in the good slurry;

7.The disc thickener concentrate the good pulp;

8.Grinding and beating good pulp in the disc refiner;

9.The inflow pressure screen screening the slurry again, and the good slurry enters the air-cushioned headbox of
the paper machine for online copying

10.The good pulp is dewatered and formed by the fourdrinier wire section on corrugated paper making machine, after two stage presses, and then dried
by vacuum negative pressure drying device,then obtain high strength corrugated base paper.


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