How to Produce Moisture-Proof Copy Paper

With the improvement of office automation, electrostatic copying technology has been popularized and promoted, and the
demand for copy paper is increasing. However, in a highly humid environment, electrostatic copying paper is not easy to
store for a long time, and it is easy to absorb moisture. strength reduced.Therefore, the production of moisture-
proof copy paper
is extremely important.How to produce moisture-proof copy paper?

Production method of moisture-proof copy paper

1.Preparation of raw materials: waste stainless steel backing paper, softwood pulp, deinked pulp,
the weight ratio of the softwood pulp: waste stainless steel backing paper: deinked pulp =1:4:5;

2.Pulping and refining: softwood pulp has a control beating degree of 35-40°SR, wet weight 4.0-5.0g,
waste stainless steel backing paper and deinked pulp fiber are defecated and mixed and refined according to the ratio to
control beating degree 30-35°SR, Wet weight 2.5~3.0g;

3.Copy paper making machine papermaking: the slurry after the refining and beating treatment is sent
to the slurry tank, and then passes through head box, press section, drying cylinder, and calendering.


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