How to Prevent the Chain Conveyor from Reversing?

The chain conveyor is composed of horizontal section and inclined section, it is used to convey the waste paper or pulp board to a higher position.When there are few raw materials in the horizontal section,the inclination angle α of the inclined section is large, and the amount of raw materials in the inclined section is large and concentrated in a certain part, it is easy to reverse during the intermittent shutdown of the chain conveyor.So how to prevent the chain conveyor from reversing?

Chain conveyors use paper even rollers

The paper even roller realizes the uniform dispersion treatment of waste paper by welding a series of staggered feeding teeth on the roller body. It is generally installed at the transition position between the horizontal section and the inclined section of the chain plate conveyor, and the height space position between it and the pallet can be adjusted, and the output of the hydraulic pulper can be adjusted by adjusting the material passing area.

The chain conveyor uses cycloidal pinwheel reducer in the power
transmission system

The cycloidal pinwheel reducer is used instead of the gear reducer.It uses the braking performance of the K-H-V few-tooth conveyor poor planetary transmission principle to prevent the chain conveyor from reversing.

The chain conveyor uses ratchet mechanism

The ratchet mechanism can effectively prevent the rotating equipment from being reversed.It can be applied to the low-speed chain drive system after the dry reducer, which can reduce the wear of the ratchet and the chain and achieve the purpose of extending the operating life of the conveyor.

Chain conveyors use brakes

In order to reduce the braking torque and the size of the brake, it is generally used on the high-speed end coupling of the chain conveyor drive system.

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