How to prevent paper disease in press section of paper machine

In the press section of paper mchine, paper diseases are easy to occur, such as: crushing, falling
edge bending, indentation, paper holes (mainly caused by the four-pressure scraper), so how to prevent paper
disease in press section of paper machine


1.Press felt is the key equipment in the press section. It is necessary to keep the felt clean and replace the felt
regularly to ensure normal production.

2.Pay attention to the cleaning of the doctor blade.When the initial squeezed water is high, when the steam pressure
in the steam box is too high, the surface of the lower roller is easy to stick to the paper wool.If there is too much
paper wool, the doctor blade will be lifted to cause indentation on the paper surface.  After the upper roller doctor
blade is propped up, the paper wool on the doctor blade is easy to leak through the doctor blade and fall onto the
paper surface, causing paper holes.

3.The calendaring  is mainly to eliminate the wire marks and press felt marks. At the same time, it also has the
effect of smoothing the paper surface to eliminate the difference between the two sides. Its pressure is too small,
which easily produces paper wool in the dryer,resulting in uneven PPS after coating..

4.Adjustment of press speed difference: The strength of wet paper width is relatively low, and the speed difference
in the pressing part is required strictly. The speed difference in the transition from the wire section to the press
is larger,However, the speed difference after the second, third and fourth pressures will be better if
it is loose. Of course, the paper cannot be too loose. , To ensure normal peeling and to ensure that there is no edge


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