How to making kraft paper with locc?

Kraft paper is one of important packaging paper, which can be made from two kinds
of raw materials: virgin wood pulp and waste pulp. Compared with virgin wood pulp, waste
paper pulp
cost is low, so waste paper pulp is widely used in kraft paper making.


LOCC is one of the waste paper. LOCC waste paper pulp stock preparation line proposal design depends on finished kraft paper production capacity,kraft paper bisis weight
and trimmed width.


The LOCC processing line usually includes waste
paper pulping system
,high density cleaner, coarse screening system, fine
screening system, paper pulp approach system, and kraft paper making machine.

Waste paper pulping system design

1.The LOCC waste paper is sent to hydraulic waste paper pulper by chain

2.The LOCC waste paper is dispersed into suspension slurry by hydraulic waste paper

3.In the process of LOCC waste paper pulping, the thin and slender impurities such as the packaging wire and tape are
pulped out through the ragger, and the heavy impurities is discharged through the sediment well and grab.


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