How to Make Toilet Tissue Paper from Bamboo?

Paper project: Bamboo pulp toilet tissue paper production line
Production capacity:300,000 tons per year

In the production process of toilet paper, bamboo is a better raw material, so how to make toilet tissue paper from bamboo? This paper project mainly use bamboo as main raw material,adopt “kraft pulping + chlorine dioxide bleaching” process to produce bleached kraft bamboo pulp.these bamboo pulp are used to make toilet tissue paper.

Toilet Tissue Paper Production Line Details

The whole set bamboo pulp toilet tissue paper production line mainly consist of raw material preparation workshop,bamboo paper pulp stock preparation line workshop,and toilet tissue paper making machine workshop.

1.The bamboo pulp stock preparation line equipped with 318,000 ton per year bleached bamboo kraft pulp production line,using DDS intermittent cooking and chlorine dioxide bleaching processes.

2.The toilet tissue paper making machine workshop equipped with 4 sets 250,000 ton per year capacity paper making machine.

Othe equipment in toilet tissue paper production line

1.1600t/d alkali recovery furnace for processing solids .

2.18t/d ClO2 preparation production line,energy station,water purification stations, soft water stations, circulating water stations, air compressor stations, oxygen production stations,etc.

3.White water recovery system, wastewater treatment station (designed processing capacity of 40,000 m3/d), preparation washing water circulation system (designed processing capacity of 30,000 m3/d), odor incinerator, accident pool (7500m3),etc.


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