How to Make Paper from Straw?

Straw usually refers to the remaining part of wheat, rice, corn, potato, rape, cotton, sugarcane and other
crops after harvesting the seeds. Straw can be used for papermaking. The production process is generally
divided into: Paper pulp making from straw and Paper making from straw pulp.

How to make paper from straw?

1.Soften the straw;

2.Pour the softened straw into the twin-screw thread rolling machine to squeeze and separate the threads;

3.Pour the materials into a reaction chamber with a temperature of 90 degrees for hydrogen peroxide
bleaching reaction treatment for 90-100 minutes;

4.Pour the material into another twin-screw thread rolling machine to squeeze and separate the threads

5.Pour the extruded material into refiner and grind into slurry to obtain coarse slurry;

6.Pour the coarse pulp into the fiber decontamination device for 5 minutes;

7.Use pulp refiner to refine the coarse slurry after the potential elimination to obtain refined slurry;

8.Use high density sand remover to remove the unslurried slag in the refined slurry to obtain clean slurry;

9.Use centrifugal dehydrator to remove the water in the clean slurry to obtain aconcentrated slurry;

10.Adjust the pH of the concentrated pulp with neutralizer in the mixing tank to make PH=7 to obtain
adjusted pulp;

11.Use straw paper making machine produce paper or other paper products from adjusted pulp.


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