How to Make Kraft Paper with Bamboo Pulp?

Bamboo grows rapidly, and bamboo resources are abundant in some countries. Compared with other kraft paper
products, kraft paper produced by bamboo pulp have smoother and finer paper surface and a better
hand feeling and visual experience. So  how to make kraft paper with bamboo pulp?


1.Pulp selection: 100% bamboo pulp as raw material, and the bamboo pulp needs to be refined and high-yield pulp,
and the fiber has better flexibility;

2.Deflaker:the high-yield pulp will improve the dispersion effect after fully feflaking;

3.Screening: Screening equipment to remove fine components and improve the interweaving force;

4.Beating: preferably consistency 5-8%; beating degree 40-60OSR, preferably 50-55 OSR; wet weight 8-14g,
preferably 10-12g;

5.Papermaking: fourdrinier kraft paper machine papermaking, forming,pressing,drying,surface
sizing and calendering, and finally winding into finished products.


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