How to make high grade soft toilet tissue paper

Toilet tissue paper is indispensable and widely used in daily life,Its quality
such as appearance, strength, feel especially softness more by people’s attention.But how to
make high grade soft toielt tissue paper
?Production practice shows that in order to make high grade soft toilet tissue paper, in addition to good paper making equipment and reasonable
production process as a guarantee, it is more important to adopt correct production technology and
strict process control.

Toilet tissue paper making machine raw material

Appropriate long and short fiber ratio is the premise of making soft toilet tissue paper. Long fiber
pulp can give toilet paper sufficient strength, while short fiber pulp has a great influence on
feel especially softness. Therefore, to make high grade soft toilet tissue paper,
the ratio of long and short fibers should be matched well.

If the pure commercial wood pulp board is used to produce toilet paper, the ratio of long and
short fibers is 3: 7 or 4: 6;If the full waste paper or paper edge as raw materials, should
strengthen the different sources of waste paper sorting, as far as possible to do good and bad
match,control the ratio of short fiber white paper edge in 30%-40%

Toilet tissue paper pulping process

Because pulp types with different fiber lengths are used as raw materials, the pulping process
must be strictly controlled. Generally, long-fiber pulp must be beaten to give sufficient strength
to toilet tissue paper, the beating degree of long-fiber pulp can be controlled at 30-45 ° SR;
while short-fiber or waste paper pulp is mainly deconsolidated and supplemented Lightly cut, the
beating degree can be controlled at 20 ~ 30 ° SR;The beating degree of the online slurry is
generally controlled at 28 ~ 40 ° SR.

Toilet tissue paper wrinkling process

The correct wrinkling process is to peel off the paper that is close to the surface of the dryer
when making high grade toilet tissue paper, and at the same time the paper is
slightly curled to produce wrinkles, giving the toilet paper a good feel and softness.


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