How to maintain paper machine approach flow system

Generally, the paper machine approach flow system from the beginning of the pulp pump in pulp stock
tower to the pulp pump delivery the paper pulp to paper machine headbox becomes the paper machine approach
flow system
.Good flow system can uniformly mix pulp and chemicals with white water in various proportions
in the approach flow system, effectively remove the air in the system, and ensure the stability of the
pulp concentration, flow and pressure when entering the headbox.But how to maintatin paper machine approach
flow system


1.Ensure the normal operation of the inflow pressure screen and the low density cleaner. If low density cleaner is blocked,
the dust in the paper may increase;

2.Pay attention to the stability of liquid level in each tank (generally because of the valve), otherwise it
will cause paper gsm fluctuation;

3.If you want to produce other paper, need to adjust the pressure of the air cushion and the opening of the air valve.
After the adjustment, pay attention to the fluctuation of pressure, and also pay attention to the anti-offset with the liquid
level of the tank, if the liquid level is insufficient, it will affect the use of anti-offset;

4.Don’t mix the rotten pulp on the rack into the paper machine approach flow system. During the large cleaning,
be sure to thoroughly clean the rack to drain the sewage. When the system is being cleaned, the dead corner of the under-net pool
on the headbox should also be cleaned too.


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