How to Install Drum Pulper

Drum Pulper Features

1.Continuous pulping,coarse and coarse screening, simplify the pulping process;

2.Pulping density:14-18%;

3.Combine the pulping, roughing with the deslagging, greatly save the cost;

4.Fewer matching sets save the cost of  maintainence;

5.The production capacity can do 70-1400 tpd.

How to install drum pulper?

Drum pulper as a important and new high-tech part in waste paper recycling,we supply best after-sales service,to solve your drum pulper install problem.


1.Assisting our clients for foundation construction of equipment;

2.Dispatching engineers to install and debug equipment;

3.Training the first-line operators on site;

4.Regularly visit clients to solve production problems.