How to Increase the Bulk of the Paper in Paper Making?

1.Small-diameter and thick-walled fibers are more stiff, not easy to be crushed, and easy to form high-bulk paper;Thicker fibers have a higher porosity in the paper, and the bulk of the paper is also higher.


2.The higher the beating degree of the slurry, the greater the tightness of the paper sheet. Therefore,
in the pulping stage, the beating operation should be adjusted in time according to the changes in the
incoming material to avoid affecting the fiber strength and reducing the bulk.


3.As the drying time increases, the bulk of paper and cardboard decreases, and reducing the drying
time can increase the bulk.


4.In the pressing process, too much pressure will increase the tightness of the paper and reduce the bulk.


5.The function of calendering is to improve the smoothness of the surface of the paper. Increase the
pressure, and the smoothness of the surface of the paper will increase, but its bulk will be affected.


6.In the case of a certain basis weight of the paper, increasing the amount of filler will reduce the
bulk of the paper.


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