How to Improve the Strength of Recycled Paper?

Papermaking from waste paper has good economic and social benefits, but after repeated
recycling, the characteristics of waste paper are very different from those of virgin fiber. So in waste paper recycling and
papermaking,how to improve the strength of recycled paper?

1.Refining treatment of waste paper pulp

Carry out gentle brooming and refined pulp treatment on waste paper pulp. That is, under
the condition of not cutting the fibers as much as possible, low-concentration fine grinding
is used to make the waste paper fibers into fine fibers.

2.Waste paper fiber classification treatment

Separate the long and short fibers of the waste paper pulp. The long fibers can be separately
processed for fine grinding or thermal dispersion, and then used in the surface layer and core
layer of the multi-layer paperboard with the short fibers.

3.Add new pulp

Mixing a small amount of new pulp into the waste paper pulp can improve the overall
strength level of the mixed pulp.

4.Lye swelling

Under alkaline conditions, the waste paper pulp is treated to swell the fiber and increase
its free hydroxyl groups, thereby increasing the pulp strength.

5.Biological treatment

Cellulase and hemicellulase are used to pre-treat waste paper pulp, thereby shortening the
beating time and reducing the energy consumption of beating.


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