How to Improve the Quality of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper used in the packaging industry requires stable and reliable quality, both whiteness requirements and high
mechanical strength requirements.So how to improve the quality of kraft paper?


1.Strictly control the bleaching process, to avoid excessive bleaching and reduce the strength;

Usually control the bleaching temperature between 30~40℃, which can achieve good bleaching effect and good and
stable mechanical strength.


2.Strictly control the cleanliness of pulp, to avoid calcium deposits in pipelines and equipment;

During paper production, the cleanliness of semi-bleached pulp should be strictly controlled, and the operation of
adding bleaching liquid to the bleaching pulp tank should be avoided, to ensure the normal sizing and avoid paper defects
such as holes in the paper sheet.


3.Enhanced cleaning and screening system, to remove particulate impurities;


4.Appropriate calendering, improve paper gloss and whiteness.


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