How to Improve Filler Retention in Papermaking?

Papermaking fillers are the second largest component of paper except fibers. Adding fillers to pulp is mainly to reduce costs and improve the opacity, brightness, smoothness,and softness of paper. In actual production, the retention rate of fillers fluctuates widely, so how to improve the retention rate of fillers and reduce the loss of fillers?


1. Non-spherical filler, not easy to precipitate and easy to adhere to the fiber, and the retention rate is relatively high.


2. Increasing the beating degree of the slurry can increase the filler retention rate.


3.Among various slurries with the same beating degree, higher absorbency and shorter fibers have higher filler retention.The increasing order of filler retention rate is roughly: cotton pulp→kraft pulp→sulfite pulp→hemp pulp→wood pulp straw pulp.


4.In the process of papermaking, white water should be fully utilized (such as pulping, adjusting concentration, diluting pulp, etc.) to improve the retention rate of fillers.


5.The use of retention aids can reduce the loss of fine fibers and effectively improve filler retention.


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