How to ensure the paper machine running normally

It is systematic work to ensure the normal running of the paper machine,equipment,echanical,
electrical, chemical and other factors,technological conditions,etc,these will affect the paper machine normal running.


In terms of system chemistry, the anionic garbage content in white water, that is, the PCD value, the higher
the absolute value of the PCD value, it will cause a large number of bacteria to multiply, which seriously
affects the use efficiency of the bleaching chemicals.this affects the normal operation of the paper machine.

In actual paper production, to reduce the PCD value in white water, the following methods can be adopted:

1.Appropriate degree of closed circulation of white water.

2.Regularly clean the entire system.

3.Use filtrate membrane to treat filtrate wastewater.

4.Super-efficient shallow air flotation technology is used to treat white water.

5.Strengthen the selection and optimization of chemical additives in the wet end of paper machines.

6.Add anion trapping agent and flocculant to the wet part of the paper machine.


These methods can effectively reduce the content of anionic interfering substances in white water,  ensure the paper machine normal running.We are a professional manufacturer of pulp and paper making equipment,
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