How to Deal With Air Bubbles in Paper Pulp during Production?

Air bubbles in the pulp cause many adverse effects on the paper production operation and finished paper quality. In severe cases, it will affect paper machine operation and cause downtime.So How to deal with air bubbles in paper pulp during production?

Avoid air entrainment into the slurry and white water system

1.Avoid leaking or inhaling air in the sealing part of the slurry and
white water pump;

2.Use vortex eliminator at the suction port of the fan pump connected
to the pit under wire or the white water tank outside the paper machine;

3.Avoid cascading jets in any part of the system;

4.Confirm that no air is brought into the sealing pit;

5.The liquid level of the high tank should not be too low, too low
will bring in system air.

Horizontal pipes should be inclined upwards by 8~12 cm per meter of length.

Avoid trapping air from the nozzle to the breast roller.

Keep the surface of the upper lip of the headbox smooth and clean.

Centrifugal pumps may bring in air, and cavitation will cause changes in flow.

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