How to choose waste paper type in waste paper recycling pape

In recent years, most papermaking projects at home and abroad take waste paper as the main raw material and
maximize the utilization of resources by recycling waste paper,In waste paper recycling
paper making
,how to choose waste paper type?


In waste paper recycling paper making,paper mill should onsider the status
of your paper making equipment, technical strength, finished paper type, etc. to purchase waste


1.Paper mill can use waste corrugated carton, AOCC paper to produce cardboard paper, high and middle grade
corrugated paper and paper bag paper,or as core pulp and bottom pulp raw material for the production of white board

2.Use waste newspapers and add about 30% of old magazine paper. After flotation,pulp washing and comprehensive
deinking, produce newsprint paper, or as core pulp and bottom liner pulp raw material for the production of white
board paper;

3.Use waste office paper, such as copy paper, computer printing paper, etc., choose advantaged deinking technology,
to produce cultural printing paper.

4.In poor quality waste paper recycling paper making,can produce low-end cardboardboard paper and
toilet paper.


At the same time, when recycling paper from waste paper, attention should be paid to the use of chemical additives to
make up for the lack of physical strength and other indicators of paper products.


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