How to choose the refiner in paper industry

In paper industry,refiner is a part of paper pulp stock preparation line,our company has ZM series conical
refiner,ZDP series double disc refiner,RF series refiner,ZDJ series fiber deflaker,how to choose the
refiner in paper industry

Main usage of refiner in paper industry

1.ZM series conical refiner is mainly used for continuous beating of pulp after purification(bleaching) in
paper industry and waste paper pulp is beaten evenly.which suitable for beating of long fiber pulp such as
cotton pulp, wood pulp, hemp pulp, etc.

2.ZDP series double disc refiner is continuous pulping equipment in paper making,suitable
for various raw material like wood pulp,mechanical pulp,chemical pulp and waste paper pulp.high efficiency, low power consumption(37-110kw), simple operation, and convenient maintenance.

3.RF series double disc refiner is another kinds of double disc refiner,mainly used for improving slurry beating degree to meet paper making needs,beating effect is stable,easy to control,high production capacity,suitable for various raw material such as wood pulp,mechanical pulp,waste paper pulp,etc.

4.ZDJ series fiber deflaker is a continuous beating equipment for coarse and refined pulp in papermaking
pulping system.It can fully process fiber,strong ability to cut fiber.Suitable for various raw material.

Input pulp consistency

1.ZM conical refiner.ZDP double disc refiner,ZDJ fiber deflaker input pulp consistency is same,3-5%.

2.RF series double disc refiner input pulp consistency is 3.5-6.0%.


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