how to choose paper pulper?

There are few types of paper pulpers produced by our company: drum pulper, D type hydraulic pulper, vertical hydraulic pulper, high consistency hydraulic pulper, and medium consistency hydraulic pulper. the function of these kinds of pulp machine is used to break pulp,but have some difference according to the different raw material in actual use .


Drum pulper:

1.Drum pulper is a pulper with the best pulping effect and the most energy-saving.

2.The pulping concentration is high, the whole process is relatively gentle, and there is no damage to the fiber. It not suitable for wood pulp, OCC, paper tube, etc high quality waste paper.

3.Relative to the D type pulper, drum pulper investment is large. more suitable for use in large scale paper making projects.

drum pulper

D type pulper:

1.D type pulper is a popular pulper at present, which is basically suitable for a variety of raw materials.

2.It has a small footprint and a small investment.

D type pulper

High consistency pulper:

1.High consistency pulper mainly used for waste paper that requires deinking.

2.This pulperis belongs to intermittent pulping.

high consistency pulper

Medium consisitency pulper:

1.Medium consistency pulper mainly used for breaking wood pulp.

medium consistency pulper

Vertical hydraulic pulper:

1.Gradually replaced by D type pulper.