How to calculate the weight of corrugated boxes?

Corrugated boxes are made from corrugated paper which is glued to the flat facing of a flat paper made of the same material. To manufacture a corrugated paper from a flat paper, a corrugating machine is used. One layer of flat paper is passed through heated fluting rolls and is glued at the tips so that it can make contact with the other paper. The two sheets then get pasted and are wound in rolls. This roll is called a 2-ply corrugated board or a single face corrugated board. 3-ply, 7-ply and 9-ply corrugated cardboard can be produced by using a board cutting machine to cut the board, gluing the 3-ply paper over it. Board to board can be pasted to get corrugated boards of varying thickness.
Since the box is of a definite thickness, the outer and inner dimensions vary. The size of the box is always given in terms of inner dimensions. Usually, while referring to the dimensions of a corrugated box, the length is mentioned first, which is the longest dimension of the opening, followed by the width and depth. It is ideal to maintain a proportion of 2:1:2 (L:W:D). However, if corrugated boxes of a different dimension has to be manufactured, make sure you have a good idea as how to blanks must be cut to minimize the wastage.
It is important to calculate the weight of the corrugated boxes in order to know the cost, the strength and to estimate the amount of weight can hold. The weight of a corrugated box is equal to the area of the sheet times the weight per cubic meter of the sheet.
The area of the sheet can be calculated by finding the length of the sheet required and then calculating the total width of the sheet required. This can be done by using the format given below:
Length of the sheet required ‘a’ = 2L+2W+2”
Width of the sheet required ‘b’ = W+H
L= length of the box
W= width of the box
H= Height of the box
2 inches is the stitching margin
The weight per square meter of the sheet depends on two parameters- the number or piles and the grams per square meter (g.s.m) of the paper. Around 45% of extra material when compared with plain paper depending upon the size of the flute is consumed for corrugating means. Accordingly, the weight per square meter of a 3-ply corrugated board will be:
gsm of bottom liner + gsm of bottom liner + (1.45 * gsm of media)
Corrugated cardboard is generally used to make packing or shipping containers. Though there are various other types of cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes are the most suitable for maintaining the safety of the object it is carrying, especially for long distance shipping purposes.Besides being a fitting protection for the product that it has to hold, a corrugated box has to be designed in a cost effective, should satisfy the customer needs, logistical needs and machine requirements.