Horizontal Type Waste Paper Baler Machine


1.The automatic waste paper baler machine is closed type hydraulic baler with lifting open-end door, no need to shift balers timely after package, it can push bags continuously.

2.The waste paper baler press machine has high strength output door, hydraulic automatic open-end door, convenient operation and safety.

3.The horizontal hydraulic waste paper baler is operated by PLC with high efficiency and reduce labor.

4.Make the raw material to bales will reduce volume, increase density, it will be easy to transport and store.


Model 100 160 180 200
Pressure 1000KN 1600KN 1800KN 2000KN
Motor power 22kw 37kw 45kw 55kw
Baling wire 4-5 lines 4-5 lines 5 lines 5 lines
Capacity 6-8 bales 6-8 bales 6-8 bales 6-8 bales
Bale weight 500-1000kg 1000-1300kg 1000-1300kg 1000-1300kg