High speed pulp washer in waste paper deinking

In the paper industry, most paper mills choose waste paper as one of the main raw materials for paper production,
especially when recycling waste paper with ink, like waste newspaper recyling(ONP), waste mixed office paper recycling
(MOW),high speed pulp washer is often used in waste paper deinking for toilet tissue
paper and a4 write paper production line.


High Speed Stock Washer is mainly used for waste paper deinking system for raw
material ONP or MOW pulp washing and thickening.

1.Working width:1000-2500mm

2.Inlet consistency:0.8-1.2%

3.Outlet consistency:8-15%

4.Production capatiy:30-180t/d

5.Ash removal rate:>90%

High speed pulp washer in waste paper deinking fatures

1.The high speed pulp washing machine runs at high speed, thin pulp layer, good washing effect;

2.With the features with adjustable wire belt tension, electromagnetic speed regulation, automatic correction,
smooth operation;

3.It is easy to change the wire, in deinking pulp washing and thickening has a prominent advantage.


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