High Speed 1600m/min Facial Tissue Paper Manufacturing Machine

Bamboo pulp and wood pulp are the main raw materials for the production of household paper, especially high-end
paper. This paper manufacturing machine also uses these two raw materials to produce facial tissue paper.and it is single
-wire, single-blanket, single-cylinder high speed crescent tissue paper manufacturing machine.

Facial tissue paper manufacturing machine specifications

Trimmed width:2850mm

Production capacity:70t/d

Design speed:1700m/min

Working speed:1600m/min

Raw material:Bamboo pulp and Wood pulp

Finished paper product:Facial tissue paper

Basis weight:12-25g.m2

Wrinkle rate:18%-30%


The crescent facial tissue paper manufacturing machine is composed of double-layer bleaching head box, crescent
former, vacuum roller, Yankee dryer, high-speed hot air hood, paper reeling machine, electrical automatic control and
heat recovery DCS system.


The paper pulp stock preparation line of facial tissue paper production line is composed of roller conveyor,middle consistency hydropulper,high density
cleaner,disc refiner,paper pulp chest agitator and paper pulp pump.


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