High Grade Hand Towel Paper Making Machine in Paper Mill

Hand towel paper is a diaposable paper product in household paper,It has a roll shape and a foldable two-fold,
but currently more of a three-fold removable type, use in the bathroom to wipe hands in hotels, office buildings,
airports,clubs,etc public places.Do you want to make high grade hand towel paper in your paper mill?

Raw material for high grade hand towel paper making machine

The towel paper requires extremely high water absorption and high wet strength in order to have a good hand
wiping effect and ensure that there is no dust on the hands after use.


So in high grade hand towel paper making machine,the virgin pure pulp such as wood pulp, straw
pulp, sugarcane pulp, cotton pulp, etc., mainly used to produce high grade hand towel paper;And
mixed pulp such as softwood pulp, reed pulp, bagasse pulp are mainly used to produce mid grade hand towels.


High grade hand towel paper making machine mainly consist of Hydraulic headbox, fourdrinier section, press section,
large cylinder drying section, group cylinder drying section and reeling section.


Leizhan Machinery has been committed to papermaking equipment for 40 years,has mature and reliable and advanced
technology,provides turnkey high grade hand towel paper making production line design,installation.
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