High grade 4200mm testliner paper making machine from AOCC

Testliner paper is a kind of base paper for corrugated cardboard, its quality performance is higher than high-strength
corrugated cardboard, suitable for high-grade product packaging.Here is our high grade 4200mm testliner paper
making machine


Product type:High grade 4200mm testliner paper making machine

Output paper:testliner paper

Net width:4200mm

Basis weight:90-220g/m2


Production capacity:250t/d

Working speed:300m/min

Design speed:350m/min

Transmission form:AC variable frequency section transmission


High grade 4200mm testliner paper making machine flow chart

1.Raw matreial:

The main raw materials are the American waste corrugated cardboard A0CC and the local waste corrugated cardboard L0CC

2.Paper pulp stock preparation:

A0CC and LOCC are processed separately, after pulping by hydrapulper, high density slag remover, coarse pressure screen
screening, low density slag remover, long fiber, medium fiber and short fiber are separated by two classification screens;
Short fibers are concentrated and stored in the short fiber pulp tank for standby; long fibers and medium fibers are
concentrated by disc thickener, screw press dehydration, heat dispersing machine to remove stickies, and fiber deflaker
are separately stored in long fiber Fiber pulp tank and medium fiber pulp tank for preparation

3.Testliner paper making:

The long fiber, medium fiber and short fiber are prepared according to a certain proportion to the surface layer, core
layer and bottom layer pulp required for the production of testliner paper, and the appropriate glue is
added. Bottom pulping tank; after washing, screening, purifying, degassing and other processes, it is fed to the headbox
of the 4200mm testliner paper making machine, and then dewatered in the press section and 1st drying
section drying, surface sizing machine sizing, 2st drying setion drying, reeling section reeling, rewinding machine
rewinding into finisheeeed paper rolls.


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