High consistency pulper rotor in paper mill

High consistency pulper adopts spiral rotor to pulping waste paper under high
temperature and high concentration conditions, and does not substantially reduce the pulp properties of waste paper.
the role of high consistency pulper rotor is to rotate and drive the slurry to form a strong
circulating vortex, which causes strong friction between the waste paper and dissociates into fibers.At the same
time,ink particles and oil stains are also peeled and separated from the surface of the fibers under the friction
between the fibers and chemicals to ensure that the flotation deinking and screening and purification processes
can proceed smoothly, thereby producing a higher whiteness slurry.

High consistency pulper rotor main structure

The pulper rotor device is composed of a rotor and a bearing support device.

1.The rotor has spiral blades. When the rotor rotates, the slurry moves from the top to the bottom of the rotor
surface, and finally from the lower part of the installation to the groove wall, and then moves up along the
groove wall, and is brought to the bottom again by the rotor to form a strong hydraulic impact and shear action.

2.The bearing support device adopts low-friction structure, except for the stuffing box, which is non-contact
sealing, reducing unnecessary energy loss.

High consistency pulper rotor features

1.Leizhan high consistency pulper rotor in paper mill is made of stainless steel or carbon
steel,it is cusdom.

2.This pulper rotor has increased working consisitency and shortened pulping time.

3.Save steam, medicine and power consumption.


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