High consistency hydro pulper maintenance

High Consistency hydro pulper is one of the indispensable core equipment
in the deinking and pulping process of waste paper.different with other hydro pulpers, The
high concentration hydraulic pulper operates intermittently,high
consistency hydro pulper
need to control the ratio of water and raw materials each
time,and the added water must be hot water(70-80℃).

How to maintenance high consistency hydro pulper

1.Hard impurities in waste paper should be cleaned in advance to avoid damaging the high
consistency hydro pulper

2.According to the taw material type, regularly salvaged to remove the unbreakable debris.

3.After each shift, the remaining slurry should be drained and foreign matter in the sediment
tank should be removed to keep the pipeline open.

4.Regularly check the lubrication of the operating parts of the hydro pulper.
Each rolling bearing should be added with No. 2 calcium-sodium based grease every two weeks, and
cleaned and replaced once a year.

5.When the power outage or other special circumstances cause the high consistency hydraulic
to stop running, the flushing water at the bottom of the pulp tray must be opened
to flush the mud in the water tank. When the mud storage volume exceeds 1/2 volume, it is strictly
forbidden to start the high consistency hydro pulper.


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