High Capacity 5600mm Coated White Board Paper Machine

This paper machine is multi-cylinder paper machine,mainly used for produce 200-450g/m2 coated white board paper.The project has an annual output of 300,000 tons of coated whiteboard paper and an annual output of 1.424 million tons of steam.

Coated white board paper machine main parameter

Trimmed width:5600mm

Design speed:500m/min

Raw material:waste paper,wood pulp

Finished paper product:high grade coated white board paper

Basis weight:200-450g/m2

Production capacity:300,000 tons per year

Project production process and construction scale

The coated white board paper project uses waste paper, wood fiber, softwood pulp, etc. as raw materials, through drum pulper, high density cleaner, fiber separation, low density claner, inclined screen and other processes to make pulp, and then enter the papermaking workshop through pulp mixing and pulp approach system, pressing, drying, sizing, drying, calendering, coating, drying, reeling, slitting and other processes to produce coated white board paper, and build three 100t/h circulating fluidized bed coal-fired boilers (two-purpose one prepared) to provide steam.


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