Hebei High Grade Toilet Paper Project

Hebei paper mill mainly produce and process various types of toilet paper,facial tissue paper,etc.
This new paper project is high grade toilet paper project,use commercial wood pulp as raw material,
the whole paper pulp stock line was provided by Leizhan.


In this paper project,the complete paper pulp stock preparation system including: Chain conveying
system,Middle consistency pulping system,High density cleaning system, Paper pulp refining system,
Paper pulp mixing system,and paper pulp approach system. The pulping system use 40m3 260t/d Middle
consistency pulper


The Hebei high grade toilet paper project paper making machine use high speed toilet paper machine,
stable operation and stable quality of finished toilet paper products.


Leizhan Machinery has been committed to papermaking equipment for
40 years,has mature and reliable and advanced technology,Provides turnkey high grade toilet tissue paper project design,installation,commission and training.Welcome contact me