Full high strength kitchen paper making process

Kitchen paper is one kind of household paper,The main function is to replace the dishcloth to wipe the tableware,
to wipe off the seasoning droplets and food residues, as well as to draw the vegetable juices that flow out when
cutting vegetables and the oil that flows out of fried foods. With the rapid economic development and the improvement
of living standards, the demand for kitchen paper is increasing.Here is the full high strength kitchen paper
making process

Full high strength kitchen paper making process details

1.Use a certain proportion of bleached softwood kraft pulp and bamboo pulp as the main raw materials, first soak
in the softening solution;

2.The fully lubricated slurry is firstly removed through a high density cleaner, and then subjected to
dehydration treatment of the thickener device to achieve slurry consistency of 20-25%, and then sent to the paper
pulper for pulping, at the same time adding a mass concentration of 8- 12ppm biological enzyme;

3.After pulping,the The slurry is transported to the double disc refiner to make a mixed slurry with a knocking
degree of 25 to 35°;

4.Next, chitosan acetate 0.5-3.5%, starch-acrylic acid graft copolymer 0.2-0.8%, mixed slurry 93.9-98%, cationic
polyacrylamide 0.2-0.6%, glyoxal polyacrylamide resin 0.2 ‑0.6% and 0.2‑0.6% of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose are
mixed evenly;

5.Finally, through the forming, pressing, drying and winding processes in kitchen paper making machine, kitchen paper is obtained.


The kitchen paper making machine,finished kitchen paper not only has a certain strength when dried,
and also has a certain wet strength even in a wet state, as well as a certain degree of softness and water absorption
performance, the market prospect is very good


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